Cdt Edmondson


One of the main reasons I’ve joined cadets is because I myself, aspire to join the Royal Air Force, and through cadets, I am able to participate in exciting and thrilling activities that may even help me for both civilian and military life. Not only that, but the majority of events you are able to engage in aren’t available in other organisations.

As anyone else in cadets knows, our Camps are the best part of the RAFAC. A week of fun and friends is a great way to kick off the summer, and any term holiday. Getting the opportunity to make new friends, get stuck in, and have new memories to share is some of the many great things about camps.

Lastly, I just hope I can do as many exciting events as I can throughout my cadet career. There are so many opportunities cadets have to offer, it is impossible to not find something you enjoy.

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