Norfolk and Suffolk Wing Air Cadets

Parade And Drill


Parade and drill

In the Air Cadets, we use Drill in the same way the Armed Forces do – to develop discipline and organisation, not only in individuals but in teams as well. It allows cadets to develop key communication skills that they will take with them throughout their cadet career and beyond.

It is also a great way for the cadets to feel self-pride, not only in themselves, but in their uniform, enabling them to learn how to take care and maintain it and be proud to wear the uniform of the Royal Air Force.

Having learned the basics, cadets are then able to take part in Parades. There are many different parades however Remembrance & Battle of Britain are the most notable ones for the Air Cadet organisation, and the ones all Squadrons have the upmost pride of participating in.

As a cadet in Norfolk & Suffolk Wing, there are a number of opportunities to participate in Drill, most on a nightly basis, however since 2014 the RAFAC has run a National Drill & Ceremonial camp. This is a week- long camp which sees cadets & staff from all corners of the organisation and Combined Cadet Force learn weapons drill including sword drill for the Officers. The camp culminates in one of the largest ceremonial parades cadets can be part of, in front of a selection of VIPs from the RAF and the Air Cadets.

In the simplest terms drill is a fundamental part of being an Air Cadet. Although daunting to start with cadets take a huge sense of pride of being able to perform their drill with precision and having outstanding uniform.

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