Norfolk and Suffolk Wing Air Cadets




Do you have a flair for music? It plays a popular role in the life of cadets and playing as part of your squadron band is highly rewarding. Our aims are to introduce you to music within the cadets, provide you with musical instruction and the opportunity to play in our bands.

Whether it’s percussion, brass, wind or maybe keyboard – there are opportunities to get involved with all types of music, either as part of a marching band, an ensemble or as a soloist.

Getting involved in music is a great way of socialising and of promoting the RAFAC wherever you play to the public. If you show real talent you could take your playing to the next level in wing or regional bands or even the National Marching Band which is being formed over the next year. Ultimately, you could join the National Concert Band – where our best players perform at public events often at some very prestigious locations such as Buckingham Palace!

There are opportunities to show off your musical talents at the Wing and Regional Field Day, where cadets from across the Corps compete against each other.  However if playing an instrument is not your thing, you can also get involved with the recently formed Air Cadet Choir!

You can also do a BTEC qualifications in Music and turn your fun and talent into a formal qualification.

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