Cpl Ayub


Get out of your comfort zone and reach for the skies!

I joined the Air Training Corps at 16 years old, during the beginning of my GCSE period of November 2017. I realised that I needed something extra to focus on in my life to push me and give me opportunities outside of my comfort zone. I was reluctant at first. I was shy and nervous but my first visit to Great Yarmouth squadron and meeting my OC Tracie made me realise what I had been missing out on all these years! I knew immediately joining the Air Cadets would be the challenge I needed whilst de stressing from exam revision.

2 years on and I’m still as keen and motivated as when I first joined. I have taken every opportunity that has been offered to me from the voluntary fundraising, weekend camps away, to flying doing aerobatics in the sky to gliding peacefully through the clouds. Team building weekends, aerospace courses, shooting weekends and even earning a flying scholarship from all my dedication has been the best achievement of my life! The opportunities I have taken have been phenomenal! I have been actively involved on the sporting opportunities the Air cadets has to offer too. I was told from the start “you get out what you put in!” Wise words from my OC that have pushed me forward.

I have made life long friends along the way from all over the UK and even from Gibraltar cadets that joined our camp.

The experiences I have gained from the Air Training Corps have made my friends at school, relatives and elders envious of me!

Several of my relatives from London and Bolton have also joined their local ATC and my uncle has also joined as a Civilian Instructor. This is all from hearing and seeing what we do at the ATC. This alone should be enough to tell you that the ATC is something really special!

My advice would be to anyone wanting to join…just do it! The opportunities are endless and it will make you a better person in the end!

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