Ruth Gregory

TITLE: Chairperson 1249 (Dereham) Sqn

I became involved in Air Cadets just after my daughter started 2 years ago, she didn’t want me to be a civilian instructor and around all the time, so we compromised, and I became a committee member and am now a registered civ com and chairperson for our squadron.
1249 (Dereham) Squadron is a great environment to be in the staff are all very helpful and have made me feel very welcome and part of the team. I love helping as much as I can. As a committee we arrange all the fundraising for the squadron. Being a registered member, I also get to go to a lot of the activities over the year as a staff volunteer.

My daughter is no longer embarrassed to have me around the squadron and loves me going to activities. I’m now looking at getting more involved in First Aid and hope to work my way to becoming an instructor and possibly an assessor for the Wing with the help and support of the Air Cadet staff.

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