Sarah Thomas


Air Cadets has been a part of my life since I was a child when my father was the Adult Warrant Officer at 1331. I joined cadets at 13 but due to other commitments, only stayed about 12 months. I spent many years coming in to the squadron every year to help coach the team ahead of Wing Athletics, even whilst I was a staff member with the Scouts.

In 2015, I returned to 1331 as a more permanent fixture, becoming a CI and quickly taking on the role of Sports Officer. In 2016, I felt like I wanted to give more to the Corps and take on more responsibility so I took the decision to go into uniform. Since then, I have been on blue camps on RAF Stations and adventure training camps, experienced a night flight in a Chinook, flown a Tutor, gained several qualifications and taken part in many parades and events.

On top of my duties on the Sqn as a Sgt, Sports Officer and Training Officer, I have also elected to take on other duties around the Wing. As part of the Wing Shooting Team, I have helped run ranges at Sqn level as well as on camps and Wing Field weekend using .22 rifles, air rifle, shot guns and the L98 Cadet rifle. I am also privileged to be part of the Wing Development Team. We deliver training courses to cadets that include JNCO, SNCO, Leadership and Drill. It is fantastic opportunity to see cadets develop in confidence, self discipline and learn skills that help with all aspects of their lives.

My time with RAFAC definitely keeps me busy but, just like the cadets, I have made some brilliant friends and thoroughly enjoy giving my time to the organisation and can promise you, the staff have as much fun as the cadets!

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